Welcome to my website. I am Gunther Schmida, a naturalist, writer and wildlife photographer passionate about Australia’s natural wonders, especially freshwater fish, frogs and reptiles. If these are your interests as well, then there is a good chance that you are familiar with my name and have seen my images or publications in many magazines, books, posters etc. over the last 40 years. If not, I hope you may get a pleasant surprise when browsing this website.

I am currently in the process of creating a series of book-like, power-point based pdf files about my favourite subjects. Some are finished and others near completion, but a few may take a couple of years more work.

There are currently 12 'Pictorials' - with 100 or more pages of full screen images and minimal text - as well as 15 ‘Reference Books’ of the same sizes with excellent images and informative text on the website. Partial previews of all can be perused by clicking the appropriate buttons.

If any of the volumes currently available are of any interest to you, complete higher resolution pdf files may be purchased by clicking the ‘buy now’ button and following the procedure. All files are printable on home printers (in whole or as selected pages), but may only be used for private and non-commercial educational purposes.