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News Post #1

Hi all,
It has been a while since I last wrote in this space, so here is an up-date. With the rainbowfish/blue-eyes/hardyheads book now available as hard or softcover 'print on demand' book for AUS$143.00 directly from the printer (Blurb), and occasionally offered at a discounted price. Enquire at for details, I have spent most of my time transferring some of the other e-books into a printing program. This is taking far longer than expected but the combined monitor volume will be available soon.


News Post #2

Hi all,

There has been a change in pricing. All volumes are now $10.00, with a special offer for fish lovers of AUS$20.00 for the four fish volumes, whilst reptile and frog lovers can get the eight herp volumes for AUS$30.00 . All payments to be made by paypal or direct credit.


Opinions Post #1